A Girl and Her Radio And NO ANTENNA…


Hello! Field Day is just around the corner, and we’ve been preparing our journey out of the ham shack and into the wilderness… or our backyard. What Field Day is really meant for is to have licensed Amateur Radio enthusiasts discover how to make contact with people under adverse operating conditions… how to get your equipment up and running in times of emergencies. A prime example of this was the disaster in Joplin, MO. I know an experienced amateur radio operator that went to Joplin to help, and his experience was invaluable in helping organize relief efforts.

Well, a storm went through here in Connecticut last night that proved to be more than my antenna could handle. One of the huge trees that we got our dipole antenna up in came down last night, along with branches from various other trees holding that same antenna up and we are now antennaless!

Fortunately the tree did not hit anyone or anything. It split in two, both halves landing in our side yard, with one half barely missing our shed. What this forces us to do is take the supplies we’ve been ordering for Field Day and learn how to use them to get back on the air NOW. We’ve got the ladder line, coax cable, insulators, a battery and a BRAND NEW RADIO! I just opened the box containing a Kenwood TS-480 SAT! This is eventually meant for my car, for some great DXing on the go, but I’m thinking it would be fun to use this as our Field Day radio now.

So, Field Day this year will be coming a little early for us, and I can’t wait! It’ll be great getting back on the air, but it’ll be great to try our hand at hooking and hanging everything up for a barebones operation. Are you preparing for Field Day? Any helpful suggestions? We’ll talk more about Field Day prep, getting back on the air and about that brand new Kenwood TS-480 SAT going into my car, but for now… 73’s! And if you hear me calling CQ, don’t hesitate to say hello!


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I am a girl who loves books and amateur radio!
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2 Responses to A Girl and Her Radio And NO ANTENNA…

  1. I certainly can relate to your loss of antenna. I “finally” got an antenna up, about $400.00 worth, on April 26 2011…then came April 27th! Tornado’s and antennas don’t go well together! Ripped to shreds! Oh well, maybe some day I can get back on the air on HF. 73 WB4RHA

    • N1SUZ says:

      Hi Wayne!
      Thanks for the comment! Nice to meet another fellow Ham who can relate to my antenna problems! I’m sorry that you lost your antenna, but I’m glad you and your family are all right! Tornado’s and antennas definitely don’t mix! I finally have rigged something up to get back on HF AND I’ll be posting all about it shortly! It’s great to be able to twirl that dial once again! Take care, Suzanne N1SUZ

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