Back in Business… HF “Hear” I Come…

It’s been quite a few months since I last posted. That’s how long I’ve been without an antenna! Halloween weekend, the Northeast had a freak snow storm that took the tree down that I had put that antenna from the last storm back up in… SO, with little choice in trees left (none), and a future move, I put HF aside for a while.

Now I did want to install that HF mobile radio in my car, but I’ve run into a few problems with that too. Mostly antenna problems. I did put all the necessary components together, but discovered that I really needed to DRILL a hole in my car after all was said and done. I didn’t really want to do that myself, so I’m waiting for that special guy of mine to help me on that one…

In the meantime, missing HF as I was, I decided to rig something up so that I could get on the air. I took those components I put together for the mobile radio, added a little something and like magic I am on the air. What did I put together? Well, you’ll have to come by and read all about it! I’m going to download the photos this weekend and we can talk about what I did, and you can share what “unconventional” ways you’ve rigged up to get on the air!


Suzanne, N1SUZ

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I am a girl who loves books and amateur radio!
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1 Response to Back in Business… HF “Hear” I Come…

  1. Alexander says:

    Hello Suzanne,

    greetings from Germany! I came across your blog by accident. About your task about drilling a hole into you car: Many OMs have been successful with different kinds of clamps. If you are willing to operate on 20m or above you could even use one of the better magmounts. About magmounts one thing is important: The lower side of it must function as a capacitor plate to ground your antenna. I prefer the Sirio 145PL from Italy, see

    If you decide to go the magmount route: Use monoband antennas like the Diamond HF-20FX. The most important feature is that the lower, inflexible part of the antenna must be short. This reduces the torque of the antenna greatly.

    Another hint: Against conventional wisdom you need not connect your 100W HF station directly to the battery poles – provided you to SSB only and buffer your station with a so called “Power Cap”. These are capacitors with 1 F or more – yes, 1,000,000 µF! You could get such capacities for years as so called “Gold Caps”, but those have a series resistor in the kOhms range. Power Caps have been developed for car HIFI equipment and have internal resistances of a few mOhms.

    For details see my Web site at You might not understand the German text but the photo and the schematic should be clear enough.

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