CQ CQ Where are you?…

CQLOGO1Hey there! It’s been a while, but this girl still has her radio, just a different location. My new location, with a dipole antenna sloping across the roof and landing on a garage didn’t really seem to do the trick this past winter. Before the dipole, I tried a slinky in the attic which didn’t produce any good results either. BUT NOW things have changed…

It’s called amazing propagation! The last two weeks I’ve reached out farther than I ever have and can’t be happier!

Recently I sent out a CQ on 15 meters and to my shock JA8XOK answered me. Yes, that would be Japan! And yes, we were able to exchange reports and make the contact! My first time reaching Japan and with only 100 watts. There was also Indonesia, Tunisia and Morocco. Which just goes to show you that even with my humble shack, when propagation is good, all things are possible.

How have you been? And what great contacts have you made with this great propagation?

About Yestergirl

I am a girl who loves books and amateur radio!
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